Our Story!

"We're the two best friends that anybody could have..."

Rose and Jenny met back in the fourth grade.  One day, in the girls' bathroom at school, Jenny mistakenly tucked her skirt into her tights AND underpants.  Rose, being the delightfully compassionate and caring person that she is, tapped Jenny on the shoulder and alerted her by saying "Skirt in your underpants."  Jenny was extremely grateful, as she had just been saved from the humiliation of everyone seeing her days of the week skivvies.  Rose and Jenny's best friendship was forged over said underpants, and the rest is history.

Rose and Jenny now live on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon line.  Despite the distance, their 20 year old friendship is stronger than ever.  They had the idea to create this website, not only to share their recipes and stories with you, but also to keep in touch with each other.  They hope you enjoy reading about their adventures (and of course, the food)!!


Why Rosebuds & Buttercups?

Besides obviously loving flowers, there is a little history behind the title...

"My mom started calling me Rosebud when I was a baby and my family joined in on the fun. Now some of the ladies I work with refer to me as Rosebud as well. My mom still calls me Rosebud most of the time, except when she calls me Booger. Thanks, Mom. I prefer the former."  ~Rose

"My dad has called me Buttercup for as long as I can remember.  I'm a daddy's girl, so I love to hang onto things like that...also, I used to have a Big Wheels bike (remember those??), and my dad put stickers on the front that said "Buttercup."  It was adorable.  And awesome."  ~Jenny

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